Who We Are

Sons of Herb (SOH) is a satellite affiliate of Calabar Old Boys Association( COBA), Kingston Jamaica. SOH was named in honor of High School Track & Field coach, The Hon Herb Mckenley OM. It was started by former athletes mentored and influenced by Herb and it is their way of not only honoring his legacy but giving back to Calabar High Schools and the Track and Field Team.

SOH have grown beyond track athlete as the organization has attracted ‘like minded’ past students who are quarterly dues paying members. As part of its accountability to members, SOH has an annual all members meeting to review financials and projects. SOH works closely with the school’s guidance counseling department for the execution of projects.

Sons of Herb Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 corporations.

Our Mission

To provide support that will contribute to the health and well-being of Calabar's Student/Athlete to enable the achievement of lifelong success.

Donate Us

Your generous contribution will enable us to support the health and well being of Calabar’s Student-Athlete in their pursuit of lifelong success.